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Historic Preservation Program

Past Pacific Northwest Preservation Field Schools

2016 Field School Image

2016 Pacific Northwest Preservation Field School worked at the Mount Rainier National Park

2016 Pacific Northwest Preservation Field School Description




2015 Field School

2015 Pacific Northwest Field School worked at Tryon Creek State Park and the A.J. Masters House, both near Portland, Oregon.

2015 Pacific Northwest Field School Description


2014 Field School

2014 Pacific Northwest Preservation Field School worked at the Fisher Bottoms Homestead in Swan Valley, Idaho.

2014 Pacific Northwest Field School Description


2013 Field SchoolThe Pacific Northwest Preservation Field School returned to Puget Sound and Whidbey Island for 2013.

2013 Pacific Northwest Field School


2012 Field SchoolThe Frenchglen Hotel and Sod House Ranch were the sites of the 2012 Field Schools.

2012 Pacific Northwest Field School


2011 Field SchoolThe Peter Roose Homestead and Sol Duc Falls Shelter were the sites of the 2011 Field Schools. Student work included: fence reconstruction, wood window restoration, stabliaition, log construction, and notching.

2011 Pacific Northwest Field School


2010 Field SchoolThe Old Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise, ID was the site for the 2010 field school. Student's work included: wood window and door restoration and reconstruction, masonry, and metal work.

2010 Pacific Northwest Field School


2009 Field SchoolIn 2009, the field school crew worked on the Frank Lloyd Wright's Gordon House, the Oregon State fairground Historic Poultry Building, and the Silver Falls State Park. Projects included restoration of windows, interior wood finish work, and preservation maintenance.


2008 Field SchoolIn 2008 the field school worked on a variety of structures at both Cape Disappointment State Park & Fort Columbia State Park, both near Long Beach, Washington. Participants worked on military structures at Fort Columbia and the North Head lighthouse and keepers house at Cape Disappointment.

2008 Pacific Northwest Field School


2007 Field SchoolDuring the 2007 field school students worked to rehabilitate a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) kitchen shelter at Heyburn State Park just outside of Plummer, Idaho.

2007 Pacific Northwest Field School


2006 Field SchoolAt the 2006 Field school in the North Cascades National Park, students worked on two cabins: Meadow Cabin East and Gilbert's Cabin.


2005 Field SchoolAnd in 2005, students reconstructed a Civilian Conservation Corps-era (CCC) kitchen shelter at the Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park on the coast of Oregon.


2004 Field SchoolThe Railroad Ranch in Idaho's Harriman State Park was the site of the 2004 field school.  Students stabilized a log sheep barn with work on its roof, windows, and chinking.


2003 Field ScholIn 2003, the field school moved to the oldest continuously-operating water-powered mill in Oregon, the historic Thompson's Flouring Mill in Shedd.   The students' work included: archaeology, timber frame construction and repair, wood window repair, and a study of water-powered engineering.


2002 Field SchoolIn 2002, two projects kept the field school busy on Whidbey Island. Participants replaced logs on the block house, reroofed, and made structural changes to the Ebey House and learned about window restorations.


2001 Field SchoolDuring the Summer of 2001, the field school focused attention on the Wilkins Ranch House located at Point Reyes National Seashore, CA. The house was built (c.1870) as part of a ranch complex for the historic dairy farming industry of the Point Reyes Peninsula.


2000 Field SchoolAn historic Queen Anne house in Eugene, Oregon was chosen as the site of the 2000 field school.The house was built in 1888, employing balloon frame construction.  Students had the opportunity to restore windows, refinish iron cresting, and work on other late 19th Century details.


1999 Field SchoolIn 1999, the field school traveled to Port Townsend, WA. Participants rehabilitated military structures at Fort Worden.


1998 Field SchoolThe 1998 field school took place at Fort Stevens State Park, Oregon. Preservation work included the Guard House and the Officer's Quarters.


1997 Field SchoolIn 1997, the field school was located at Silver Falls State Park and focused on Depression-era log cabins constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA).


1996 Field SchoolThe 1996 field school was held in Port Orford on the Oregon Coast and centered on the Cape Blanco Lighthouse (1870) and the Hughes House (1898).


Past Field Schools - 1995The first field school was offered in 1995 at the Peter French Round Barn (built 1884) in Harney County in Eastern Oregon.