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UO graduate aids Polish synagogue project

In the late 1600s, a wooden synagogue was erected in the small Polish town of Gwozdziec. By 1731, a wooden dome, or cupola, was inserted into the roof of the synagogue. Its ceiling was elaborately ornamented with colorful paintings of animals and zodiac symbols and came to be known as the “celestial canopy.” The synagogue was destroyed when the town was burned during military action in World War I, but a similar wooden synagogue was constructed on the site.


Field School to hold 20-year reunion November 7-9 in Portland

The Pacific Northwest Preservation Field School is celebrating its “20 Years Reunion” November 7-9. In addition to an evening of remembering, socializing, and learning at the White Stag Block in downtown Portland, attendees can participate in field trips to past and future field school sites.

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Majors Fair showcases all A&AA offerings

The annual A&AA Majors Fair is scheduled this year for Thursday, October 23, from 4-6 p.m. in Lawrence Hall. The event offers a relaxed atmosphere where all undecided, “redeciding” and exploring students can speak personally with faculty members, professional advisers, and student representatives from A&AA.

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Join us for the 20 Year PNWFS Reunion

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Architect Michael Graves to Speak in Portland

Renowned architect Michael Graves will be in Portland, Thursday October 9, participating in a live discussion centered on his design of the Portland Building, an icon of postmodernism completed in 1981. Notorious in the Portland area, the future of the building has been the subject of much debate due to structural problems, leaks, and a less-than-desirable environment for city employees who work inside. Graves himself will weigh in on the future of the building, discussing what should be preserved and what might be renovated to make the building viable for sustained use.